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Durga Mantra

Over the past month I have had much communion with Durga (दुर्गा). Who is She you might ask? In the Hindu culture she is the great I Am, God, Brahman, Creator ... whatever you wish to name Source. In reality, she is not female -but energy -the Energy that created all that exists.

Since I have opened myself to receiving messages from Creator it has been abundantly clear that Source has spoken to the People across all time and peoples in our world.

In the coming weeks is the Durga Puja ... or celebration to give reverence to Durga -Creator. Each culture holds different celebrations to worship the great I Am. What is important that we remember Source and dont push It out of our existence -especially in today's society where religion has become human focused -and so a human created artefact.
In our communities we are the Lights in a dim world. Whether you are apart of the Hindu culture or not, Creator is asking you to remember the energetic print that is found within you that binds you to the energetic fabric of All that Is. Here is a short (2 minute) homage to Durga, the great I Am. I hope that you enjoy the sounds and visions of this clip.

Durga & Trishul Mantra

Durga is Creator, the energy of the great I Am -sometimes referred to as God or Source. In Hindu religion she is embodied as a woman though in Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions the great I Am is embodied as a man. Neither is fully accurate, as Source is energy and only embodied through incarnation across the Universes. Each of us when incarnated (in a body for example) are reflections of Creator -we become Creation. Any and all things that have been created by Source -they are incarnations of Source. Due to our cultural socialization and the state of collective ego in our world our mind-body-spirit connection has been split, divided, fragmented. The great I am wields the trishul that is synonymous with Neptune's trident. This weapon, this tool acts to bring creation, collective ego back to its divine state of equilibrium of mind-body-spirit connectivity. The trishul is an energetic regulator, a tool to help souls. It does not harm but brings energy back to its created vibration. 

This mantra tells of Durga using the trishul to bring peace, harmony -equilibrium back to the mind-body-spirit. It is a mantra of Love, of acceptance and of forward movement.