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My name is Cherylynn and I would like to help you on your journey. We will all reach our final destination, but it is because of the journey that we are here. 

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What is Light Work?
Simply put, light work is sharing the light that one has with others. Like so many, I am here to help make our world a better, kinder, more loving place.  People who do light work, help others by sharing the light that they have with those around them, the world and the vastness of all of creation.

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How Can Light Work Help You? 
Light work is an incredible tool that can help you on your path. There are many mediums through which I practice light work.: life coaching, reiki, meditation, yoga, publishing articles, teaching, chanting, druming, body movement (belly dance). I use all of these tools -combined or singularly- to help others along their journey.. 
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Meditation Sessions

I will be offering meditation classes each month. Sessions are 90 minutes long. Students will learn the basics of meditation and its purpose(s). During our time together we will practice mindfulness, meditation and share our experiences (if time permits). 

Please email to reserve a spot as classes are limited to 4 students. Class fee is $15. 
[email protected]
Reiki Share
Fourth Sunday of each Month
Reiki Share is great way to experience reiki, give to others and meet like-mineded people. No training is necessary as I will guide you through the basic practice of reiki. Level I reiki is suggested so that participants feel more comfortalbe practicing, though not essential. 
Reiki Share is approximately two hours in duration. As part of reiki share we will first breifly meditate, individually offering up our intnesions. Please email to reserve a spot as space is limited to 5 participants.  [email protected]
Up coming classes
Reiki Level 1    Sunday, October 21 2018 from 11am-5pm
In this course you will learn about Reiki and what it means in your life. We will go over the history of Reiki and then turn to attunments and the application of Reiki. 
Registration: is needed for this class. The course fee is $150.00
per student and e-transfer payment is accepted. Please 
contact me no later than October 13, 2018 to register/pay for this 
class. [email protected]

Chakra Opening-Advanced Reiki  October 13 & 14 11am -4pm 
This course is intended for lightworkers who have experience with reiki and/ or energy work. Level II Reiki is suggested as a prerequisite though please contact me with your queries. You will  learn to identify with, feel and understand your chakras and their movement. By doing this it will enable you to more openly commune and will greatly aid you on your spiritual journey. The course will focus on the opening of your own chakras and coming to terms with the karma that lies within. 
​Registration: is needed for this class. The course fee is $400.00
per student and e-transfer payment is accepted. Please 
contact me no later than October 6, 2018 to register/pay for this 
class. [email protected]