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My name is Cherylynn and I would like to help you on your journey. We will all reach our final destination, but it is because of the journey that we are here. 

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What is Light Work?
Simply put, light work is sharing the light that one has with others. Like so many, I am here to help make our world a better, kinder, more loving place.  People who do light work, help others by sharing the light that they have with those around them, the world and the vastness of all of creation.

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How Can Light Work Help You? 
Light work is an incredible tool that can help you on your path. There are many mediums through which I practice light work.: life coaching, reiki, meditation, yoga, publishing articles, teaching, chanting, druming, body movement (belly dance). I use all of these tools -combined or singularly- to help others along their journey.. 
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Group Yoga Sessions

In January-April 2019 I will be offering adult group yoga classes on Mondays and Fridays starting January 28 at 9am.  Students of all levels are welcome. Each class begins with breathing exercizes, followed by yoga, and then a breif mediation and reiki session.

Students are required to preregister in a minimum of 4 consecutive yoga sessions. Sessions run between 60 and 80 minutes with a fee of $20. per session. 

Child classes are offered as 1-on-1 and parents attend until their child is comfortable alone. Classes for children follow the same outline as adult classes but are 40 minutes with a fee of $20. per session (child & parent).

Please email to reserve a spot. All classes are limited limited to 3 students. 
[email protected]

Reiki I

Have you ever wondering about reiki? Or perhaps your own mind-body-spirit connectivity? For others, you may have thought to integrate reiki into your current work. Reiki I is an introduction to the mind-body-spirit connection, energy accumulation and it movement. Reiki is about the healing of the body and how our bodies come self -equipped to heal.

This is am introductory one day course. No experience is necessary.

I welcome you to come, to learn about reiki!

When: Sunday, May 26 10am-5pm
WHere: Langley, BC
Cost: $150
Pre Registration is required

Other Reiki Classess... 
Reiki Level II is offered on April 14 & 15
Reiki Level III is offeren on May 25, 26, June 2 

Up Coming Classes: 
Yoga & Reiki 100 hour Training
In March and April I will be offering a 100 hour yoga and reiki training course. This is a spiritual course that will focus on your mind-body-soul connection.

The class will run Fridays (9-2), Saturdays (9-5) and Sundays (9-5) every second week in March and April, beginning Friday March 8, 2019 and ending Sunday April 21, 2019.

At the end of the training students will receive Reiki Level I and II certification. In addition, for those wishing to (eventually) pursue a 200 hour yoga teacher training course, part of this 100 hour initial class can be applied if you choose to later take on the 200 hour course with me.

Please contact me for more information or to reserve a space in this course by February 1, 2019. Please note that I take up to four students. Fee: $1500.